Weight: 175                                                                                                                          Eyes: Dark Brown

Hair: Black                                                                                                                           Height: 5’ 8”

The First Time                                        Co-Star                                                 Phil Carter (Director)

Siren                                                       Principal                                               Steve Morris (Director)

The Quest                                              Supporting                                            Rest-Of-Life Communications

Mr. Payback                                          Principal                                                Bob Gale (Director)

Straight Time                                        Principal                                                Ulu Grosbard (Director)

Blood Spill                                            Supporting                                             Darren Warren (Director)


The Young & The Restless                 Principal                                                CBS Productions

You’re Whole – Adult Swim                Supporting                                            Abominable Pictures

The Bold & Beautiful                           Principal                                               CBS Productions

General Hospital                                 Principal                                               ABC Productions

Who’s The Boss                                 Principal                                               Embassy Television


Garbage                                             Doggie                                                   Boyd Street Theater

Red Wing                                           Mike                                                       LA Carpet Co. Theater

Who’s Life Is It Anyway                     John                                                       Pacific Palisades Theater

Return of Nocturnal Strolls                Elevator Operator                                  Theater of N.O.T.E.

I’m Not Rappaport                             Midge                                                     Westchester Theater

Hostages (Musical)                           Senator                                                   Off Hollywood Showcase Theater

Blue Collar Worker                            Strike Leader                                         Actor’s Director’s Lab BH


David Man                                          Technique                                             LA/NY (Bi-Costal)

Actors and Director’s Lab                   Method                                                  Beverly Hills

Professional Artist Group                   Master’s Class                                      LA

The Art of Acting                                Auditioning/Cold  Reading                    LA

Hey I Saw Your Commercial             Commercial                                           LA

Tepper/Gallegos                                Commercial                                           Hollywood

Bob Keane                                         Voice Tech.                                           LA


Drawing, Painting, Good with Computers, Martial Arts, Jogging, Yoga, Bowling, Cooking


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